About Me

My name is Anna, 20 from England. I like tits, tats & hilarious cats. 

Here are some facts about me that you might like to know;

  • My birthday is January 5th
  • I was born and live in Nottingham
  • I am Bisexual (and have excellent taste in women)
  • My natural hair colour is a light mousey-brown
  • My favourite colours are Maroon, Plum, Teal and Black
  • My favourite food is any form of chicken in breadcrumbs!
  • My favourite type of music is Acoustic or Classic Rock
  • I love dogs and want to work with wolves one day
  • I have a pet rat named Basil
  • I have overcome self harm and an eating disorder
  • I like insulting my friends to the tune of popular songs
  • I only wear make-up about 2% of the time
  • I like journalling, drawing, and being generally creative
  • I like animals more than I like most people
  • I get on better with men than women
  • I am terrified of fire and strange men
  • I have no canines-my teeth are little flat bricks
  • My birthmark looks like a little man in a t-shirt
  • I love speaking in Pig Latin and stupid accents
  • I am somewhat ADHD and get distracted easily

I think that about covers the basics! If you want to know anything more about me, or you want to be my internet friend, just drop me a message and I’ll be more than happy to divulge any secrets and be your friend!